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The Vital Role of Your Nurse in Patient Education

August 10, 2020
Nurse educating a patient with a laptop course

Nurses are the first line of contact for patients in the office setting. It’s natural for the nurse to connect with the patient during this time. Nurses can use this time to empower patients to improve their health and outcomes by thoughtfully using education and educational materials. Make sure that your office supports and encourages…

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Break Down Barriers to CKD Education in Your Nephrology Practice

May 18, 2020
Doctor holding a tablet with a kidney image

As physicians, we intuitively know that the more we educate patients and involve patients in their own care plan, the better their outcomes. However, despite our best intentions, we are faced with many barriers to accomplishing this.  Lack of time, inefficient educational materials and difficulty explaining complex information to a broad range of educational levels…

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