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The Vital Role of Your Nurse in Patient Education

August 10, 2020
Nurse educating a patient with a laptop course

Nurses are the first line of contact for patients in the office setting. It’s natural for the nurse to connect with the patient during this time. Nurses can use this time to empower patients to improve their health and outcomes by thoughtfully using education and educational materials. Make sure that your office supports and encourages…

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Caring for Kidney Transplant Patients During COVID-19

July 27, 2020
Doctor with Mask

Kidney transplant patients are a vulnerable population during COVID-19. So much about the virus, CKD, transplant and treatment options are rapidly updating. So what can you do as a transplant physician to help your patients through this difficult time? Stay extra vigilant Ensure that the transplant patients on your caseload follow their treatment plan and…

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Understanding Patient Culture to Improve Communication

July 13, 2020
Hand pointing to a place on a globe

Our view of life is rooted in our culture. It’s the driving force behind the way we dress, eat, act and communicate. Every one of us is different—whether we are physicians, patients or healthcare workers. Understanding our differences is one way to assure that our patients are getting the best care possible through effective communication.  …

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Manage Your Stress, Adapt During COVID-19

June 29, 2020
Woman looking out the window

Throughout history, there have been times of great stress and suffering. One thing is certain: adapting to change and embracing resilience are two important facets to survival during these unprecedented times.   Ways to Lower Your Stress So, what can we do today to lower our current stress levels in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic?…

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The Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Diet – What Nephrologists Should Know

June 15, 2020
Vegetables found in a Mediterranean diet

Of all the questions patients have for their physicians, dietary-related questions are some the most common. In the CKD population, this is no exception. Because there are so many unreliable sources spreading misinformation, it doesn’t make our jobs any easier. But it’s not as restrictive as some patients might think. The CKD diet aligns with…

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Patient Involvement Equals Patient Success

June 1, 2020

As healthcare professionals, we need to encourage our patients to get involved. How your patients go about getting involved in their healthcare will vary—some patients want to be fully invested in “everything” and others will be content with understanding the “big picture.” One way to help your patients is through education.  As patients become better…

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Break Down Barriers to CKD Education in Your Nephrology Practice

May 18, 2020
Doctor holding a tablet with a kidney image

As physicians, we intuitively know that the more we educate patients and involve patients in their own care plan, the better their outcomes. However, despite our best intentions, we are faced with many barriers to accomplishing this.  Lack of time, inefficient educational materials and difficulty explaining complex information to a broad range of educational levels…

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Delivering the Diet News to Reluctant Patients

May 5, 2020
Woman on a diet unhappy with her food

In a perfect world, diabetic patients would consume less sugar and patients with hypertension would never eat fast foods packed with sodium. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world. Everybody struggles. So how can we expect perfection from our patients? Most patients want to change their eating habits but aren’t clear where to start, what…

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Comprehensive Care Models: Help Your Patients Live Well with Chronic Illness

April 21, 2020
A nurse walking with her patient.

Currently, 1-in-4 Americans live with a chronic illness. A disproportionate number of those are elderly or minorities. This creates an enormous burden on our healthcare system, family structure and society.  Our goal as healthcare advocates is to decrease the disability that is associated with chronic illness as well as improving quality of life, or to…

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Connecting with Your Patients from a Distance

April 8, 2020
doctor typing on a laptop

“Some of the best experiences I’ve had as a patient occurred when I felt a connection to my physician. I have carried these experiences into my own life, both professionally and personally.”   – Sandra Lauriat, M.D. As a physician at this time in history, how can we still connect with our patients when we are…

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