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Bre’Anda Booker, CMA

Raenali Program Coordinator

For more than a decade, Oklahoma native Bre’Anda Booker has served patients as a certified medical assistant (CMA) in the areas of family practice, urgent care and nephrology. She received her CMA certification in 2003 after graduating from Southern Oklahoma Technology Center’s medical assistant program.


Through her roles as a CKD Education Coordinator at Raenali Publications and as an American Kidney Fund (AKF) Certified Kidney Health Coach, Bre’Anda is passionate about educating patients about chronic kidney disease. She believes Raenali’s education programs not only help patients make better life choices but also provide the tools they need to advocate for their healthcare.


Bre’Anda values education not just in her career but in her personal life as well.  As a mother of two, she advocates for knowledge in her family as well as her community.  “Everyone deserves to have reliable health education.  When you are more aware, you can be proactive in your own health care, and help your family as well. Knowledge is power and can lead to positive change.”